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Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian was one of the most powerful Caribbean hurricanes on record with wind gusts of over 200mph and a storm surge of close to 24ft in the Abacos. The devastation caused over 75% of homes to be damaged resulting in over 70,000 homeless Bohemians. On September 1st, Hurricane Dorian first made landfall on Abaco Island causing massive destruction to Marsh Harbor and surrounding areas as a Category 5 hurricane. As Hurricane Dorian slowly moved west, it produced a 20ft. wall of water into Freeport and on neighboring Grand Bahama Island. The massive storm system stalled over the Bahamas for over 48 hours, constantly worsening conditions for the island as a whole. Damage from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas totaled $3.4 billion, equal to about a quarter of the island nation’s annual economic output. Much of that island’s east side ended up underwater and several large industrial oil storage tanks were damaged, spilling over 5 million gallons of fuel on and around the island. The confirmed death doll is at 70 with many more still unaccounted for. We ask that you keep the Bahamian people and SRP teams in your prayers as the recovery efforts continue.